Dog Pool

Dog Swimming Pool

Not only is being in the water fun for dogs, but is also one of the most effective ways to exercise dog.

Moving in the water is safe and gentle, providing a great cardiovascular workout for your pet without the harsh impact on their joints. As a non-weight bearing activity, the water provides resistance and buoyancy at the same time, allowing your dog to utilize more muscles, in a concentrated effort, yet without feeling they are exerting more energy from those same muscles. In short, it is the most effective workout your dog can get.

Benefits that canine swimming in Maryland can provide:

  • A complete, full-body workout for your dog
  • Great way to manage weight or help an overweight dog lose weight

Swimming is done in a heated pool with temperatures set at 82 degrees. This warmer water helps to deeply relax all of the muscles in your dog’s body and helps to improve the blood flow. If your dog is otherwise healthy, a swimming regimen should be paired with a well-rounded exercise regimen out of the water, consisting of walking daily and other physical activities. Water sports, in general, give a more complete and efficient workout utilizing more muscles at one time. Tight muscles are relaxed and endorphins are released, which provide a natural pain reliever and increased serotonin levels. Endorphins are also known as the “feel-good” chemical in the brain. Some studies even show that a five-minute swim for a dog is equivalent to a five-mile run.

Once a week provides measurable benefits in weight loss. The natural resistance provided by moving in the water makes a more effective workout in a shorter period of time. It’s the most efficient physical activity that your dog can perform.

Warm Water vs Cool Water

Our dog swimming pool has the water heated to help with relaxing the muscles, increasing blood flow and is set at a temperature of 82 degrees.

A Typical Swim Session

We provide group swim times and one-on-one swimming options. Most swim sessions range from 25 to 35 minutes, depending on your dog’s experience level in the water and their fitness level. Dogs that have had a recent injury or that may be overweight will need to start slowly as they acclimate to being in the water and to having a cardiovascular workout. In these cases, starting out your dog’s time in the water may be limited to 10-15 minutes as their body adjusts to the new activity. You can be assured your dog will sleep great after a swimming session!

We offer both group and individual sessions for your pet. Life vests are provided for new swimmers and a trainer will guide your dog through learning to navigate the water.

For group sessions, your dog must be able to swim without a vest.

For new or large dogs we will always have one trainer and one assistant available – the trainer will be in the pool with your pet and the assistant will be on the side of the pool to help in whatever way is necessary.

Safety and Cleanliness

A UV filtration system is used to keep our pet pools safe and sanitary. Our group and individual swim instructors are all certified dog trainers that have been trained to keep your dog safe and happy in our swim environment.

Doggie Pool Parties

Yes, we have doggie pool parties! What a fun event for you and your pet! Whether you’re celebrating your dog’s birthday or you just want to get a few of your friends together with their dogs to swim and play, we have options available!

Therapy and Rehab

At this time we DO NOT have designated therapy pools, nor do we offer physical therapy. If your dog is recovering from an injury or surgery, we will need a clearance note from your veterinarian.