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DogWatch Smart Fence

iCareK9 is proud to offer DogWatch SmartFence – invisible dog fences for your dog’s safety and security and your peace of mind. The SmartFence™ is an underground fence system that has a special patented technology and utilizes features of your mobile phone and the internet. “With the SmartFence, your dog will stay safe and happy, and you’ll stay connected – wherever you are!”

Deciding on an invisible security fence for your dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. You should always find out if the company installing your fence offers the following services:

  • A guarantee on the fences reliability
  • Training for the pet owner on how to properly use the fence and collar
  • Experience with installation and maintenance of invisible dog fences

Our DogWatch SmartFence Offers:

  • Power loss notifications and low battery warnings sent to your mobile phone
  • Activity tracking that monitors your pet’s daily, weekly, and monthly activity levels.
  • Training at your home using a time-tested safe and effective training program. We train your pet to visually recognize the boundary flags, learn the warning signals and recognize that there is an unpleasant sensation if they cross the boundaries.
  • TattleTale®, the DogWatch SmartFence system that alerts you if your pet tries to cross the boundaries of the fence. Through our AutoMemory system it will also increase the challenge settings when they do this and keep it at a higher level until after 24 hours have passed with no attempts to challenge the boundaries.
  • The ONLY hidden dog fence that uses an FM frequency; instead of an AM signal, protecting your dog from interference that can happen on an AM signal and false corrections.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee and Lifetime Equipment Warranty.

If you’re looking for a safe way to provide a fence for your pet, without the expense associated with traditional fencing, you should consider our invisible dog fence system. It can be customized for your yard and can even go around areas, like flower beds or pools.

iCareK9 is a DogWatch dealership. We are delighted to offer another tool to keep your pets safe and secure through what we consider the best invisible dog fence on the market.

Dogwatch Hidden Fences


Enjoy the freedom that comes with the world’s best pet containment and training products. PetFriendly™ solutions and outstanding customer service make DogWatch of Montgomery County a great choice to help keep your dog happy and safe.