We wanted to share thoughtful cards and online testimonials! We are appreciative of the kind words of recommendation! Thank you to all of you!

“David and I want to thank you for the wonderful training by your facility. David and I were ready to give Bogart back to the rescue, but you saved us from doing that. Bogart and Lenny did not get along, and Bogart had no discipline at all in his 7 years (we only had him for a year). Bogart constantly marked in the house, and had to wear a belly band with a poise attached ,we could not watch TV he constantly barked at the TV, could not work in my office he constantly barked at the printer, fax machine, and touching paper, could not vacuum, or water the garden, could not play games in the yard with a cook-out, he constantly chased everything. You both did the hard part by your training ability and long time experience handling dogs. Bogart stayed at your facility for two weeks (I called it boot camp), and Bogart has not marked in the house since he has been home. We do not give our dogs water after 7:00PM, and have put them on a eating schedule also. David and I just have to reinforce what you taught Bogart, and also with Lenny.

Our lives are less stressful today than last month. Lenny and Bogart sit and stay unless we release them. We still have to reinforce the master bed situation with Lenny and Bogart, but it is working. Bogart has come almost a full circle on the other issues. We would highly recommend your training to anyone that asks.

Again, thank you so much for making our lives more peaceful and less stressful.”

Carol and David Iner
Westminster, MD

“When I first contacted iCare K-9 I wasn’t sure if they would be able to help us. Our stubborn dog Grover was having trouble adjusting to a new baby and I was worried we may have to find him a new home. However, after 2 weeks of boarded obedience training with Morris and Annemarie I feel confident that we made the right decision. His transformation has been amazing and we have learned how to take back control of our home and correct any undesirable behaviors. I highly recommend iCare K-9.”

Kevin & Susan Manson
Leesburg, VA

“Ali was an out of control 11 month old Doberman before receiving training from iCare K-9. Ali came home a totally different dog after (2) weeks of intense training . Ali has learned several things like the word place, wait, Crate training, and leash training. The trainers are very good with keeping in contact and always were very nice and patient with us and Ali. They also offer free follow up training if needed which is GREAT! I would recommend iCare K-9 service to any owner who wants a high quality affective training and people who really care about your dog!”

Stacey & Kiril
National Harbor, MD

“Our 4 year old German Shepherd was always rambunctious and would never listen. It was almost to the point that my wife was going to get rid of him. We had iCare K9 take him for a 2 week board and train, and what a difference! It’s almost like we have a new dog! Some people told me that it would take some time after a board and train to really start seeing the results. Not with iCare K9. We saw the result the first day he came home. I would recommend iCare K9 to anyone.”

Michael W.
Frederick, MD

“Our 4 month old German Sheperd, Triton, just completed his 6 week puppy training class at PetSmart when we decided to pursue 3 personal training classes with iCare K-9. Within the first training session, we had learned more in just 1 hour than we had the entire 6 weeks at PetSmart. Morris was not only kind and polite, he was also extremely patient with Triton and thoroughly explained each training technique; providing us with a full understanding of Triton’s actions and how to correct them. Morris was very persistent with his training techniques that he used with Triton, re-enforcing them each training session.

Before iCareK-9, we were chasing Triton around the house, yelling at him to drop shoes, paper towels, etc.; now the family can enjoy a movie with Triton in the living room. If he wanders off, a simple “here” is used and he comes sitting right in front of you. He also knows how to lay, sit, and place on command (without the hand-signal taught at Petsmart!). We plan on enrolling him in the group classes at iCareK-9 and highly, highly recommend iCareK-9.

There are not enough words to explain how extremely satisified we are with services provided at iCareK-9.”

Tara, Lois, Jeff, and Triton
Hanover, MD

“My husband and I first met Morris when he worked with another local dog training company. We left our dog “Ruby” with him for a month-long board and train program. When we got her back 30 days later, we were WON OVER with obedience training. Our 6-month old girl had gone from a high-energy, leash-pulling, squirrel-chasing, counter-surfing mess to a manageable ball of puppy energy. Over the next year of group classes, she blossomed into a well-trained joy!

We followed Morris when he started his own business with iCare K9, and we have not been disappointed. He just has a way with dogs that I can’t explain. Make no mistake, however. YOU must put the work in to see the results. Morris and Annemarie can give you all the tools and tips you need, but you must put it into practice at home with your pup.

We’ve continued to use iCare K9 for group class obedience training and boarding. Also, we are now working with them to train our Dutch Shepherd “Atlas” in protection sports.”

Morgan G.
Montgomery Village, MD

“There are a lot of bad and mediocre dog trainers in the metropolitan area. These guys are real professionals. If you are seriously interested in training your dog in obedience, agility, protection, etc., then these are the people to help you achieve whatever goals you have set for you and your dog.

Steven W.
Bethesda, MD

“My family and I are very grateful for the help of iCareK-9. We thought we were going to have to let go of our two-year old rescued Pit Bull Terrier after a bad experience with another dog. Morris’ level of understanding of “K9″ science is very impressive. Because of his help we are able to live a less stressful life.”

John Rocha

“Sophie and I had three private lessons with Morris. She’s a rescued Rottie that is fearful/anxious due to abuse at the hands of a previous owner and lack of socialization. Morris came to us, worked through the problems and she is doing great now!”

Carole Adams

“My family had purchased my dream dog for Christmas one year – a Groenendael. We had a bad training experience, not helped by her strong personality. I wanted to participate in a rally class with her but because of her reactivity towards other dogs the instructor would not allow us. I found Morris at iCareK-9. After working with Morris for a month I took her back to that same instructor and she could not believe the difference! Morris has helped me learn to give her clear direction and be a stable dog. After completing that rally class we went on to earn her Rally Title with 3 straight blue ribbons and an additional Award of Excellence.”