Board & Train

Board & Train

iCare K-9’s Board and Train Packages

Have you ever wished you could send your dog to an expert, and when the dog came home he or she would be well-trained, great on- or off-leash, able to pay attention to you on your walks and not lose it when the doorbell rings?

iCare K-9 is that place!

This is a great option if you don’t have the time to train your dog in a consistent manner or if you’re going away on vacation and would like to provide your dog with more than simple boarding during your absence.

How Does Board and Train Work?

Your dog will come stay with us at our Gaithersburg, MD facility for the duration of your board and train package. At the end of the program he or she will know all of the basic commands (sit, stay, come, heel, down, off, leave it and place) plus any additional training that we have agreed upon, based on the length of stay.

Providing that dog is both human and canine social, your dog will begin every morning at daycare for some playing, socializing and swimming.

In the afternoon your dog will be trained 2-3 times, around other dogs, people, cars, etc. with the goal of getting them accustomed to distractions while keeping them focused on obedience and manners.

Between training sessions your dog will enjoy rest periods, snacks and 2-3 walks every day.

Prior to returning home, a trainer will give you an initial “go home” lesson to familiarize you with your dog’s new found skills and manners!

Follow-up training sessions are vital to instill further reinforcement of the training program and to instruct owners on what to do.

And finally, one subsequent follow-up lesson will be scheduled at our facility.

Our standard Board and Train programs are available as follows:

  • 2-Week Program
  • 3-Week Program
  • 4-Week program
  • 6-Week Program

For dogs with more serious behavior issues or owners of well-balanced dogs with more lofty training goals, we highly recommend our Board and Train program. This will allow us to more closely monitor and assess your pet so we can better address any issues and tailor our training approach.

Obviously, the longer the program, the more we’ll be able to accomplish.

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